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Old 2004-03-23, 02:10
nataniel nataniel is offline
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Squall Redux is now complete... HEAR IT NOW!!

Some of you might have read the thread about the teaser clip I posted a while ago, and I'd like to make certain things clear.

First of all, yes I changed the name. No longer dubbed Squall Remix but Squall Redux, just cause it sounds cooler I think. Second, even though I'm happy with it as it is, the track is still subject to change, so be alert. And third... whatever, I should stop ranting. Just listen to it. This one uses a couple of refills so I suggest you check it out at soundclick first. Then, if you're really interested, take a look at the rps. It's up to you... Well, ladies n' gents, without further adue:

Squall Redux!

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