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It seems to me.........

It seems to me that if the props themselves read this forum, they will only consider two of the many suggestions for a version 3. Those being audio in and midi out, which in my opinion would completely round out the program. Plus, they are the only two logical upgrades. While VST (please quit beating the dead horse) would be nice, I do have to agree that they are quite unstable. That would ruin the program. I do have to agree on the third party option though, that seems like a good idea. External devices created specifically for Reason. As for my two cents........better library organization. Some sort of way to put all of my rex files in one place, all my sub patches in one place, etc etc. I know this can be done already, with lots and lots of work. But when one starts building a large collection of sound banks, this can easily take over someone's life.

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