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midi assign questions

hopefully someone can help with a question or two i have about midi that i'm not even quite sure how to phrase...i've got a midi drum controller (roland hpd-15)...i want to connect to the nnxt to make a pretty sophisticated durm set.specifically i'd like to be able to trigger a sound with a pad, and have control over its pitch and/or decay with a ribbon controller or the dbeam on the unit. i've gotten as far as being able to assign each pad a midi note number, but can't find a way to send continuous signals from the controllers. it looks like they can only be assigned note values and not cc messages. wtf? why would a ribbon controller send note values and not cc messages? as it stands now when i assign the ribbon to a knob/slider, it only gives an absolute value, so its either all the way on or all the way off. i know that in ableton live you can change how parameters respond to midi messages (absolute, relative, etc). can reason do this? i've tried everything i know...assign controllers via midi learn...i've set up the roland as the main midi input and as the remote control input. i can't figure it out, and my ignorance of midi is getting the best of me. anyone? thanks! scientific

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