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Wave files management issue

A had a very simple track that I was working on and once I changed two wave in a ReDrum the computer was unable to playback the song. It started, the audio got crappy, and the computer stop to give me the error message window everybody hate I'm sure... ;-)

I think my block of waves is getting to huge to keep them in the same partition on my hard drive.

Just to see if I'm crazy. Do YOU keep all your files in the same partition? Or do you keep them seperated in different partition, different drives, etc? Seperated by type of sound for exemple; loops, drum sounds, samples, etc...

What is your wave management setup?

I keep all my files in the same partition, and my wave outputs of my tracks are on a different partition of the same drive. I have a 7-8 gig soundbank (including the soundbank of Reason 500 mb approx I think). Is it too much huge?

The sub-folders are heavy too I must confess. The folder tree can get to 7 folder deep sometimes. Can it hurt performence too?


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