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New 451 Track - NightSky Remix


New track uploaded, this time one some here might recognize. It is a remix of the first Fahrenheit 451 track, "Feel the Flames." If you have ever enjoyed a 451 track, then you will find this one worth listening to, and probably worth posting feedback for. I hope so

This is a dramatic drum and bass epic, that is almost an original track on it's own. If you don't believe me, compare the two.

I composed this entire track today, though I was interrupted by a violent weather phenomenon native to my region. It was a tornado. I've been next to many of them. Mainly on highways. I witness one record-breaking tornado (aka: "THE Hoisington [KS] Tornado") during its formation. I was a small way through the track when the storm system moved through. Now, I am a man of many scientific interests, meteorology being one of them, and I have the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in my favorites. I was able to pinpoint the track of the storm, and predict the location of the cyclone relative to my location. It came within a few kilometres of here and destroyed one (farm) house, and lifted another off of its foundation and dropped it on the ground. I guess this is sort of like Hydron's squall scenario. (Glad to know you're still here man.

Enough about my day. Go ahead and listen, already.



RPS download (no extra refills :

HiFi Stream:

LoFi Stream:

MP3 Download (SoundClick users only.):
[HiFi] Fahrenheit 451 - Feel the Flames ("NightSky" Remix)

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