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Old 2004-03-28, 03:18
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Idea for improvement to the "export loop audio as" command

I stole this idea from rpieket's post on the main user board, but I thought this deserved a place on the actual feature suggestion board. so here it is.

When you loop a section in a Reason track, and then use the "export loop as audio" command, any reverb or other FX tails that would normally be heard in at the beginning of the loop, which are triggered before the begninning of the loop, are left out of the exported audio file. this makes looping the exported audio file sound wrong in many cases. I assume this is because the actual "virtual playback" of the audio into the exported file starts right at the beginning of the loop point, so stuff that happens before that point doesn't affect the contents of the exported audio file.

It would be nice to have another export command, maybe called "export loop as audio loop", where it would begin the "virtual" playback of the loop section BEFORE the left loop marker, and past the right loop marker, and then automatically trim the exported audio to exactly the loop area before writing it to a file. This way, reverb tails and such would preserved in the loop, so you can reimport this audio file right back into the NNXT/NN19/whatever, without any further editing, and it would loop perfectly.

Even better, make the "virtual playback" actually start a mesaure or so before the ENd of the loop section, and do a LOOPED "virutal playback" into the file. This way the reverb at the END of the loop would affect the beginning, rather than the reverb coming from the section before the loop, which might be totally different from the loop section. Does that make sense? Basically, only use onyl the contents of the loop section, but use pre and post roll to loop it more than once, before trimming it into the final audio file.

Since you can't really know how many measures worth of events before the left loop marker (or rather events at the END of the loop itself) would be needed to properly maintain the reverb tails and such, a pre-roll and post-roll setting might be necessary for this command.

With all of that in mind, I'm guessing that this feature would be pretty easy for the Props to implement in Reason.

- R

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