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Old 2004-03-28, 13:02
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Looking for a good ReWire Host (Traktion or Cubase?)

i'v got my options open.. so far i'v concidered Cubase SL(SX is too much of the name of that Pink Floyd song "Money") and Tracktion. why trackson? well its so simple to use and the colors in the lay out of really easy on me eyes (white and grey tend to blur my mind a bit when looking at them for long periods of time.. i'm sure that happens to anyone lol) i'v worked with the demo and it supports my OS (Win98 but will upgrade to WinXP) the recommended features are a 750mhz and 256 megs of RAM.. this is also good for me cuz well i don't have to blow my wallet on a new "hi-end" system.(And now for the ReWire section of this paragragh)and the big kicker is that it works wonderfuly with Reason via ReWire and it also hosts VSTi's which will come in handy because i use VSTi's alot.

But there is you say "Cubase SL". i'm registered with Stienberg so i can grab Cubase Sl for $250 (even though Guitar Center sells it for $299 but i save 49$ before tax) and it looks pretty of the line even but there's some issues with Cubase that i'v heard. People have told me that Cubase isn't that great of a ReWire problems with the bars being 2 steps more in Cubase (thats what they told me)and how Cubase drains your system and you can't even run it as a ReWire host cuz all the pc power is going into cubase.well i'm sure you can but i guess what they are saying is that without a Top-of-The-Line and/or State-Of-The-Art PC its gonna be lag-o-rama.. plus i can't even get a demo of Cubase anywhere!even on the steinberg website! there's a PC thats pretty powerful in the house (its not mine unfortunatly) but if i could fine a demo i'd test it out on that one and see for myself but no demo can be found.So lets review!..

A.i'v tried traktion and it works fine (vst synths,ReWire, The works even..)

B.haven't Worked with Cubase Sl.(have a copy of Cubasis VST and it doesn't support ReWire.. yeah go ahead laugh at me ) saw pitcures and heard different Stories..

now B can be worked out..and starting with a quetion.. Those of you using Cubase.could you tell me how it performs as a Rewire host and your pc specs so i can make a somewhat rational disission?

well this still leaves me out of a hands-on experience with Cubase SL but at least its a start.I know some of you are saying "well if traktion works and it fits your budget.. get it stupid" but i want a Recording "Icon" not a run of the mill recording thingy.. something i can be proud of!Something i can say when people ask me "so what do you use to record with?" with a smile and twinkle in my eye!...but then again..if it sounds good then none of that should matter right? and if traktion turns out to be better than cubase..then why aren't pro-studios using it?..well they aren't using any of those.. they use Pro-Tools.So please just give me your input on Cubase being a ReWire Host what would be even better if someone in here used both but anyway thank you in advance! hmm all this talk about programs and money reminds me of a quote
"there'll be none of that Freestyle!There ain't no such thing as Freestyle! The Style is not free. The Style is expencive.." yes brother and amen to that

(this message was writtin in its entirety at 4:36 a.m. VST.. i mean CST)

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