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Old 2004-03-28, 18:26
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A couple things I would like to see in future versions

A couple things I would like to see in future versions

1. an easier way to rename individual remix tracks. For example when you hook redrum up to to it each track individually, you get each track listed as chan 1 chan 2 etc. It would be nice if you could just write bass drum or tom.

2. In midi edit mode the keys of the visual keyboard should light up as you play your keyboard, like they do in cubase etc.

3. Mixers should have a master mute and solo buttons for use when you're chaining mixers. So if you press solo on one mixer you only hear THAT mixer, and likewise the mute button would mute that mixer. I know you can just use the volume, but it would be easier.

4. You should be able to open 2 or more midi editors at once (of different intruments) to compare them.

5. The dr. rex should be easier to use in rewire mode. For example to track should be able to put the loop directly into the sequencer of its host program, cubase for example. This goes for the other instruments that work similarly.

6. Dr. Rex should be able to support other file types. That would be great.

7. It would be nice to be able to use the effects in rewire mode on audio, or other soft synths.

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