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Old 2004-03-28, 23:42
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Random controllers going from Live into Reason...Help?

My problem occurs when slaving Reason 2.5 to Live 3.0.3, and using the M-Audio Radium 61 as a controller. I am running all this from a G4 laptop using Panther (OS 10.3.2)

I have Live running, and am using the Radium's knobs and sliders to control parameters in Live, as well as using the Radium keyboard to play Reason synth modules live. (In this example, I am using 2 NN19 samplers.) Live and Reason are running just fine together...BUT...

Problem: some of the Radium's knobs and sliders will change synth parameters on the active Reason module - for example, Radium knob #16 seems to control the NN19's Octave dial, Radium Slider #5 controls the NN19's filter cutoff, etc. This only happens when the synth's Reason Track is MIDI enabled, but I need to have it enabled to play it live. It's really annoying to lose my sampler patch whenever I want to use the knobs and aliders on the keyboard.

I have not assigned any controllers in Reason. When I look at the Reason MIDI map for the NN19s, no controllers are enabled, and I cannot access the "clear MIDI map" option in Reason, even when Reason is running by itself (the menu item is greyed out.)

The culprit knobs & sliders do their weird thing to Reason regardless of whether I have already assigned them to parameters in Live or not.

I had this same problem using both the M-Audio Ozone and Oxygen 8 keyboards with earlier versions of Live and Reason under OS9.

I am sure it's just some MIDI channel setting or some obsucre menu item that I don't know about...and would very much appreciate any help y'all can provide.

Heather Perkins
WaterDog Studio

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