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Old 2004-03-31, 15:46
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mac 9600 midi connected to a G4 with reason

I am about to buy Reason but I need to get a confirmation conserning a question: I am verry comfortable with my setup which is running cubase vst on my Mac 9600. I also have an akai s3000xl and a juno 106 connected via midi. My question is: will it work fine to communicate with reason on my G4 when I let cubase vst be the master on my 9600 and for instance let midi channel 11, 12, 13 be assigned to reason on my G4? ( midi out from my 9600 to midi in on my g4) In other words. Will cubase play the sounds that are to be found on those midi channels on reason on the G4? The reason I ask is because I have never used midi via two midi interphaces as is the case in these setting.

Some of you might say that I should rather run everything on my G4 but I have heard that cubase sx does not run very well on OS x, so by the time being I will keep to my setup.

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