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BAD Latency Problems...

I'm running Reason 2.5 on a Toshiba S409 laptop: Pentium 4 - 2.80Ghz, 512MB.

I haven't gotten around to getting an aftermarket soundcard just yet. Would that explain why I'm having such horrible latency problems?

I'm still kind of clueless about this whole soundcard issue. I used Macs for years -- never had to worry about such things. I used to run Reason on my factory issue iMac G3, 128MB with no latency (or other problems) whatsoever.

Also, when I finally get an outboard soundcard, do they all plug into the USB port? Or do some of them plug into some of those funny looking ports on the *side* of my laptop? (See just how shamelessly clueless I am?)

Then, when I get an outboard soundcard, do I monitor the output on my flat-response studio monitors via the mini-jack output on the laptop or via some stereo output on the soundcard?

Lots of dumb questions, I know.

Someone have mercy.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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