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A challenge! Aphex Twin Vocal Sound

It's been a while since i've been on here. Good to be back..
Have been trying to emulate Aphex Twins very unique way of fiddling with vocal samples. The sound i'm talking about is on his wiondowlicker track and also on his remix of "heroes", at the start when David Bowies vocal comes in... It is sort of eery but warm. It very much resembles the sound of some of the vocal samples from The Beatles "number 9" on the white album..
Basically i want to know how to recreate this effect. I have been fidling for a while and it sort of sound like maybe the vocal phrase has been chooped into lots of small sections then played back in forward and reverse over the top of each other..

Does anyone know how to replicate this effect?? Maybe also some fx devices like a gate or something..


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