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Help my sound's broken

This is computer specific but perhaps someone else has had the same.

I've had Reason and others on my PC for years no hassles.

Recently after some crashes I decided to reformat my drive and start fresh - a kind of brutal spring clean. All seemed to go fine but now I have clicking & splatting on the audio in all my apps - Reason, Sound Forge and Win Amp.

My sound card is Audiophile 2496 latest 98SE drivers. There is also a SB PCI 128 in there but I disabled it and still they come - the clicks that is. Restarting the sound drivers fixes it in Reason but not other aps.

I had (now removed) the Demo of Traction on and that was when I first noticed it.

Any ideas?

Or should I just buy one of those cool lampshade Macs? :-)

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