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excellent monitor for Reason Users

Recently, I decided to upgrade to a dual monitor setup, since I use Reason and Cakewalk Sonar together quite often. Then, after I came to grips with the fact that I couldn't realistically fit 2 monitors on my desk, I found a better solution. It's a widescreen LCD monitor that swivels, making it PERFECT for seeing MUCH more of the Reason Rack. Therefore, I thought I should share it with my fellow Reason users.

The monitor is the Philips 170W4P, which I found from tiger direct for less then $500 (with shipping). Expensive, but this monitor is meant to compete with $1000 monitors. Sadly, they are sold out at tigerdirect, and discontinuted from Philips, so finding the same price might not be so easy. gave it a mediocre review based on poor display: "...the display's focus seems slightly soft, especially on text." Within a few minutes, I discovered this problem, and it was simply a matter of having the wrong refresh rate. I fixed it easily, and I would submit that this comment is a mistake, so take it with a grain of salt.

Sorry to be so off topic with this post, but it's a great monitor and an excellent alternative if you can't fit 2 monitors. Plus, it's GREAT for Reason.

-Pat Hamm

some images:




Here's more info from philips:

here's the review:
pat hamm was here...

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