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Cindyr take your midol will ya?!? O_o

man i have not seen such anger,such vile,such.. gosh i dunno what from any person on this site till now.What is you problem?! (besides Bush and politics) i mean everyone is talkin' about Reason (and defending it )Then you come on here and try to start a political argument (more like a fight..)because of somethin' you saw on CNN or whatever.. first thing before you make a profound political statement be prepared for a few things

1. Not everyone will agree with you (doesn't matter if the facts you think are facts some people disagree)
2. Most people don't care to hear you rant (go figure)
3. Sarcasm won't prove your point anymore than ranting (don't fall for the cheap tricks you learned from the "Leftists" cuz it doesn't do anything but get people annoyed..)

and finally..goodness this is a place were we come to talk about Software (preferably music software but mostly Reason) not the latest political if you think you're gonna "expose" Bush by starting in a musical forum..well thats funny just thinkin' about it.look i understand you must fustrated and i'm sure many Democrats are.. but please take it somewhere else?(they have forums for that i'm sure)..cuz at the end of all this people will have a distorted view of one other cuz they are "pro-bush" or "anti-bush".So don't come on here tryin' to start a political fight. i mean we all use Reason..shouldn't that be enough for us to get along?..hopefully
i don't down you for bashing bush if you think that..coarse if you did you wouldn't care. but i'm just lettin you know. (Peace oh my brothers!)


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