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Issues with REDRUM?

Is anyone aware of any issues with Redrum? Let me give you an example.
Load the following patch to your redrum
Reason Factory Sound Bank -
Redrum Drum Kits -
Techno Kits - Techno Kit 05
Next on channel 10 load sample
Reason Factory Sound Bank -
Redrum Drum Kits -
xclusive drums-sorted -
06_Cymbals - Crash_Xtc5.wav
Sample it before opening it.
Once you open it and it is added in. Sample channel 10. On my software, the crash symbol does not work with the settings that were applied with the techno kit 05 patch. I have to adjust the levels on that channel in order for the sample to play, but it shouldn't do that. Please reply if you had the same issue or if there is a work around to this w/out having to adjust the settings. You may not be aware, but if this is an issue. That means there are samples that may not working as they should be on other channels, messing up the beat that is being created.

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