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Old 2004-04-20, 21:07
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Sample rate cannot be set (ignore previous thread)

Does anyone know how i would be able to change my sample rate in cubase to 44.1k from 48k.
From what i understand, in the manuel it said it has to be done at the begining of a project by going to project setup and choosing from the pop up menu next to sample rate, which is what i did but it didnt have 44.1k as an option. just 48k.
Bec i am unable to do this conversion, everytime i open cubase and reason it says "sample rate could not be set, this may be due to the sampleclock being set to external sync."
And because of this, everytime i press play the song lags behind and skips a note or two.
Any feedback would be most definetly appreciated!

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