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Old 2004-04-19, 20:38
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new and simpler way of recording automation..

Recording automation in Reason can be cumbersome, and I've noticed that most of the time I record a parameter that remains static for a given number of bars, and then change this parameter to a new value that remains static for a new given numbers of bars (ie. no gradual fade-out/fade-ins). I think I've come up with an idea to simplify automation recording in this scenario:

(1) You use the Left & Right sequence indicators to define the area anywhere in your song which you want to automate with new parameters. The parameters must be static for the duration between the left and right indicators.

(2) After positioning the Left/Right indicators in the sequencer, you select the new menu choice (like Start recording static automation or something). When in this mode, the sequencer doesn't start playing. You just are able to change every recordable parameter on every module, and the automation track is filled with this (static) value for the bars between the left and right indicator. New automation track are auto made if there isn't one for a recordable parameter you change in this mode. You exit this recoring mode by selecting something like Stop recording static automation from the menu. Plain and simple.



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