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Old 2004-04-20, 02:31
rhouwan rhouwan is offline
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*Synaptics* touchpad support for Reason

It would be great if propellerhead would generate a support program that would incorporate some of the features of the synaptics tchpad that is common to most portables in the states. two features that come to mind right away -- if the 'hovering' of the mouse pointer could be modified by 'shift' key or such so that moving the mouse would move the pointer from one adjustable controller on the rack to another in a fast motion, not just anywhere on the rack e.g. -- the mouse is hovering over the mixer: press the shift key, move finger horizontally over the mouse pad, --the pointer moves sequentially from one controller on the bus to the next (instead of just across the device) -- also, on synaptics touchpads there are what are called 'zones' which can be configured -- the one i'm interested in is called a scroll zone, specifically the right vertical side of the touchpad which can be configured as a 'zone' which you can move your finger up and down on the zone and scroll vertically up and down through documents. lets say you could configure Reason to recognize that zone so that it would increment/decrement button and slider values. ---no more mouse bringing up the tool bar or going off the page! --simply hit the shift, move quickly to the button you want to adjust, and move your mouse finger up and down the vertical scroll zone to make adjustments.. i think its a good idea, -- plz advz, thxs rhouwan.

also:, developers support on the customer support tab.

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