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Old 2004-04-20, 07:57
anthro94 anthro94 is offline
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NN-XT: "Play Mode" changes only one sample at a time :(

I do A LOT of sample programming with the NN-XT and I frequently import whole groups of samples. The "play mode" knob chooses how the samples will be played. For example, you can choose if the sample plays forward, backward, looped, etc. The user must set this preference individually for each sample. This is really inefficient and tedious. You can?t select a group of samples and choose their play mode.

Example: Lets say you import 88 release samples into the XT for an electric piano patch and you need to set all of them to FW-SUS. Guess what, you have to set the play mode individually for each of the 88 samples. You can?t highlight the whole group of samples and change their play mode all together. That'll take a while!

Or, as a special effect, you want to switch every sample in your patch to play backwards. You can?t do this quickly; you will have to switch each sample individually.

Props, please change the play mode selector so it can change the play mode of more than one sample at a time.


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