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Old 2004-04-20, 09:14
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Suggestions for the next Reason Update


Each individual device should have a solo button, and a mute button on the side where the label is at in the rack view so you can quickly solo or mute a device instead of going back to the mixer or using the sequencer window.


The front of the mixer should have the channels numbered just like the back does. Analouge mixers are numberd on the top and the back so it's less confusing when you are back there pluggin.


Should be able to copy and paste redrum beat from sequencer to redrum in the rack. You can copy and paste the pattern from Redrum in Rack View to the sequncer window but not vice versa.


Instead of using Ctrl-Z to undo changes for knob tweaks you should be able to double click on the knob or right click the knob to undo or something to that extent.


Make it possible for the 1 mixer to act like it has 2 or more rows of virtual channels. Making one mixer capable of 28 channels which should be able to fit most track needs without fussing with createing a second one. On analouge mixers theres usually a button that will switch from channels 1-14 to 14-28.

umm ya thats it for now...

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