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Group Effects - Instead of plug ins

Not a massive new feature but I've been getting into creating massive custom effects by stringing all the modules in interesting ways and it'd be great to be able to "group" these so you can fold the whole lot down into a single rack strip for tidyness and also this would enable you to create custom effect "presets" that you can add to the effect menu, so if you have created a "MegaModulatedChorus+PingPongDelay" effect that you use a lot you can save the routing as a preset custom effect that only takes up a double height rack - which can be opened into the individual effects again for tweaking.

Maybe the dual height "group" rack unit could include maybe 8 control knobs on the front that can be mapped to certain controls within the "effect group" much like the NN-XT has control on the minimised version for certain parameters within

The group rack should also have the up to 4 input and 8 output audio and the usual cv i/o sockets so you don't have to open it up to do basic audio and cv routing.

These presets could be uploaded to the internet to share with other users and as they only use the built in modules they would keep the stability of reason intact.


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