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Some nice tweaks

I thought about some subtle but still big tweaks that would do so much for Reason.

1. A greater analogue emulation in the Subtractor, something in the lines of TAE that powers Arturia's CS80V and minimoog V. But since this would most likely consume alot of CPU you could have TAE switchable for those with less powerful CPU's (like currently you have Low BW switch in the Subtractor)

2. Something that is very important for me is making the filters self-oscillating (especially for the Subtractor) I just can't stress how important this is. What would be even better is if you could somehow make a switch to choose if the filters should be self-oscillating or not.

3. Hard Sync function between oscillators 1 and 2 in the Subtractor.

4. Let all filter units on all devices be switchable 12/24 pole and add a HP filter to the Malstr

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