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Reason Maintenance Update....

Is there any possibility that a Reason Maintenance Update can be released.....By saying that I mean I am happy with all the features Reason has and I'm not requesting or in need of any new features or instruments in the conventional way....I was wondering about things that already exist but could be slightly altered to help work flow....

two versions ago reason changed how it views the refills to only show the folders that were relevant to a particular instrument (that worked beautifully for me and a lot of other people), then they took it it possible to make that be a 'Choice' in options....also, how we read the values in reason is in midi (1-127) format instead of the real world values they represent can that also be a 'choice'? These are two examples of work flow maintenance updates that are not 'new feature, new instrument' request. I've seen quite a few posts with small request like this in the 'New Features Wish list' and I have always felt they don't belong there and therefore get overlooked. One other thing that I was interested in borders on feature request, and that is the ability to have mono mode for the individual tracks in the Redrum....but that probably counts more towards the 'features' side of things. I'd appreciate any comments on this negative or positive (just not any 'new feature' request). Pardon me if this has already been discussed.

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