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Why I decided using Reason less

I used to love Reason, but as of lately I decided to take a break from it. My main Reason is it has not grown much over the years..It was great when it came out and is still awesome, but really have too many VST's I want to run with it. I do not like Rewiring it to a host..and if I do (logic) it has problems while playing a AU and Rewire in a loop.
So I decided to just work in Logic alone. I think it is a real shame that Reason does not want to geta bit more involved with the rest of the software world and offer VSTI/AU support. I mean lt us be the judge if we want to use them or not..but give us a module to open them..If you are one of those Reason purest who is against the idea, then do not load the module..Easy as that.

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