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Old 2004-05-05, 00:52
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So I stumbled into my very first ever songs..

About four years ago I first got into digital music composition using a program called "Fruity Loops". The program is still quite popular today, though its nowhere near as great as Reason.

I used to make music loops and stuff like that for fun, until somebody told me they liked it a lot and that I should start writing full songs. So I did, and these tracks are what I came up with.

Now keep in mind that this was four years ago, I was just a kid who didn't know anything about music using a program far infirior to anything I use today. So yeah all of this sounds like utter horse crap.

But also keep in mind that these songs are what pushed me to learn about music and composition to better myself, and its because of these tracks that I am able to produce the music you hear from me today. I'm laughing my ass off while I listen to these, and I expect you will too. Though if you listen to them carefully, you can notice small hints of the Indio style you hear in my tracks today.

The track listing is as follows:

"There" - A very repetative acoustic guitar pluck-fest. You might like the tune for half a minute or so, but then it gets really annoying.

"Dreams" - First time using the piano in a song, you can tell.

"Good Enough" - Synth orch and sort of dreamy around the beginning, though it breaks into a somewhat dnbish beat. fpoole might get a grin out of this one.

"Nocternal" - Really wierd instruments with a horrific synth drum solo like thing in the middle. Ugh..

"Silent Alarm" - My first take at a dnb style song... Now you know why I do mellow.

"Sunrise" - This one received a lot of hype back in the day... I don't know why, it still sounds like crap.

Who knows maybe one day I'll dig out some of my very first Reason tracks. I'm also hoping to hear some of your very first music, lets see how it compares to what you produce now.
Indio's very first tracks.. EVAR!

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