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Old 2004-05-12, 21:25
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How to control freq filter overtones in Reason.

Have you ever wanted to control the pitch of the overtones
created when adjusting the filter frequency & filter resonance in realtime?
Well I think I figured out how to, here's a small tutorial for the Mac.
I'm working on finding an equal solution on the PC.

-Download & Install "MidiPipe"
-Start "MidiPipe"
-In Tools Window double-click "Midi In"
-In Pipes Window double-click "Midi In"
-Select midi input connected to your keyboard

-In Tools Window double-click "Message Converter"
-In Pipes window double-click "Message converter"
-Select "Note One" from the "In" area on the left.
-Select "Control Change #" & 'controller number' (try 83) from the "Out" area on the right
-Check-mark "exchange data bytes" in the Options area.

-In Tools Window double-click "Midi Out"
-In Pipes window double-click "Midi Out"
-Select "MidiPipe Output 1"
-In the options area "Pass Through" is already check-marked, that's fine.
-MidiPipe is ready to go, so minimize it.

-Start Reason
-Goto Midi Preferences and Change Midi Port to "none"
-Goto Advanced Midi Preferences and Change Remote Control to "MidiPipe Output 1"
-Under Options make sure "Midi Remote Mapping" is enabled

-Create Mixer
-Create Dr.Rex Device
-Load up a good Rex file
-Click the "To Track" button
-Set Filter Res to somewhere between 90 to 120.
-Right-click on Filter Freq Slider & Select "Edit Midi Remote Mapping"
-check-Mark "Learn from Midi" box
-Play a couple of notes on your midi keyboard so Reason capture the controller number.
-Press Play to get the rex loop going
-Now you should be able to play the filter freq using the keyboard.

-Keep in mind you'll have to experiment to find the best settings for getting overtones.
-Also depending on the settings the intervals on the keyboards may translate to microtones instead of semi-tones. You'll have to make some mental adjustments to get a good melody.

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