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Old 2004-05-16, 13:30
kfabel kfabel is offline
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Instrument grouping, partial export & merging of song files

Sometimes you create a sound consisting of several instruments and effect devices. Sometimes you compose a riff or just want to reuse a single track in another song. It would be useful to be able to export a group of devices or sequencer tracks as a kind of 'partial song file'. This would save a lot of workload! I am aware that the merging function requires some brainpower, as exported parts seldom fit in the same space of a new setting, but I'm sure it's doable with a little user interaction. There's another synth project in rudimentary stage - see - which allows for arbitrary grouping of modules and putting them together in a black-box like fashion. Maybe importing a partial rack could be treated in a similar way, thus requiring only little effort on the user's side.

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