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Old 2004-05-29, 05:59
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So I've been working on this song for nearly six months....

and I'm still not quite done with it.

It's called "Fetus is nice." Yes, with the dot at the end. It's a song about being stalked by a group of undead zombie fetuses and eventually becoming one of them.

I haven't been working on it for six months straight, but I keep saying it's finished then coming back to it weeks later.

The version I'm posting here is far from perfect, but I need input on what to do with it. My main problem is the part at the beginning where the piano chords come in.

This was one of my first ever Reason compositions and I hadn't ventured into the land of EQing and all that fun stuff yet, and when I came back to this song later to make changes to it I equalized everything and the piano chords have never been the same since. I can't seem to find those magic frequencies!

Anyway, without further adieu, I proudly present:
Fetus is nice. (AAC format, open it in iTunes or QuickTime)

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