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Old 2004-06-05, 11:11
Jorim Jorim is offline
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pattern bank enhancements(Redrum+Matrix)=more live-features

Instead of only saving note and gate information it would be much better to store every parameter on the device in the pattern bank. For the Redrum: in addition to gate signals also remember the pitch-setting, gate type&-length, level & velocity, sample start, tone, so basically all available parameters. When performing a 'copy pattern to track' all these settings should be copied to the sequencer, also those that were not changed or were not (yet) automated.
For the Matrix the same applies, so for any device attached to the Matrix, all settings are stored in the selected pattern. This way switching between patterns can provide exciting results. Not only is the pattern saved, also filter settings, lfo-settings and what not. I like experiments and this way I don't loose valuable settings when messing with my devices. I hear you think: "Use patches!" but I don't work like that AND switching between patches in a song is not really simple. The 'enhanced pattern bank' option would definitly increase the ease-of-use of Reason as a live-instrument and would allow a more 'sample' orientated workflow. You could program a 'sample' on a synth or sampler and quikly switch between various 'samples' instead of using a new device for each 'sample'. The 'samples' would not be real samples because they are not rendered to disk but it would be more like virtual samples, that only exist within the Reason interface. I hope you understand what I'm getting at, if not simply reply to this thread.
To make sure the conservative users are not offended a switch can be provided, to enable/disable the 'enhanced pattern bank' option.

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