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Old 2004-06-09, 06:23
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slightly OT: Need advice on new mixer for setup.

My current set up consists of a PC with a Delta 410 PCI card running to a UB802 mixer. It has 2 mono ins, 2 stereo ins, 1 tape in, 1 tape out, 2 stereo outs and a phones out. This was a cheap mixer that I bought to run my monitors with my Delta 410. Works great for that.

I now want to send audio IN to the PC. Using the mixer for monitoring requires I get a 2nd mixer. I want to spend about $100-$200, maybe $300.

Also. Does anyone know how to get the Delta 410 configured to accept audio in from the inputs? I go into the internal mixer and patch bays but can't get audio to be recorded in. Any help would be great

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