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Old 2004-06-15, 02:55
blubster blubster is offline
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Please recommend Keyboard/Midi Controller, etc.

Ok I'm confused. I'm still new with this but a while ago I connected my cheap keyboard to my computer using a $30 midi interface that I bought. a portman series or something. it worked and then i stopped using Reason right away cause i moved.

now i got a new computer and the people from Midiman or whatever say I cant use this interface with Windows XP.

So I'm reading threads now about midi controllers with knobs and all this stuff none of which I had in the first place so now I'm thinking I may as well get some new top of the line stuff since I have some money to spend and my interface is no good anymore, and basically my keyboard is a piece of crap.

I just want a kick azz keyboard and I guess one of these controllers I'm reading about here , so can you guys just recommend some top of the line stuff please?

I want to get good stuff becuase I want to write some jammin songs and with my crappy stuff it probably wouldn't have been possible anyway.

Appreciate your recommendations



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