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Bad Format in .rfl????? HELP!!!

OK so I had the bad format problem with my .rns files. figured out my own work around. I'm running reason 2.5 on pc. It seems the bad format bug is big on PC so here's the layout of the problem.
Got the "Film Score ReFill" popped in the cd and even from the cd it shows as a bad format? and I copied it to my drive and still bad format. - but it did notice something that might be a clue. If i click on my NNXT browser and look at my refill list, the ones that show up as BAD Format show the file extesion of ( .rfl ) in the list and the ones that work fine show up with no .rfl extention?????? I'm lost cause I have about 8 refills that don't work. Someone please help me.... I'm at a total loss.


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