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Old 2004-06-16, 14:53
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i have a keyboard quistion. please answer.. (im stuck)

i got my keyboard for like 3 months now, and i still dont know how to make it work in reason. i intalled my keyboard in reason. connected it at prefrences. what do i have 2 do now?

i have a casio (keyboard) and i have it connected to reason with the conecterkit. sow all of that works. where do i have to go to put it in my song?

i have an program called midi studio, does someone know if i 1st must put it in there or can i derectly put the tones from my keyboard to reason? im stuck. i paid much for it and it dont even work, i hope someone can help me, cuz i want to make r&b music on it with my keyboard.

please reply or mail me. thanx, tamara.

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