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Old 2004-06-17, 10:41
kfabel kfabel is offline
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Controller automation editing feature (bug?)

It seems not possible to cut & paste automation data from one controller onto another. When I select another controller lane before pasting, the data always gets inserted at the end of the one I copied it from. I tried a while, also read the manual carefully, so I hope I didn't just fail to get the information. Well, I think this is a missing feature then, or is it possibly a bug? Just omitting/ignoring the controller number in the clipboard data should do the job. I imagine that quite often one would like to automate several controllers at a time (like two filter frequencies f.e.), this could be done quicker if you could just copy instead of having to draw twice. Currently I have another application where I need it: I import a MIDI file containing a piano track, which I assign to a NN-XT with a suitable patch. But what to do with the sustain pedal data - after importing it's there, but the controller number is not assigned in the NN-XT. I suppose it goes best as Amp Envelope Release, but there's no way to get it over there. Bummer... only workaround at the moment is writing a little application to change the controller number in the MIDI file before importing it.

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