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guitar module

i was thinking a six-string guitar module would be usefull for a number of reasons. You could theoretically accomplish this with a sampler, but for musicians who basically want to crank out chords with a variety of sounds to choose from, this could be astounding.

a guitar module might be little more than a specialized sampler, sort of like the ReDrum module, which contains a variety of guitar types, from classical, six string, twelve string, electric, etc... you might also have a variety of pickup arrangements.

the guitar module would have a built-in pattern sequencer for the different chords, with a visual of the fretboard that show the guitar tabs, what strings are strummed. you could also sequence the muting of strings, either one at a time or all at once. perhaps have control of where you are strumming in relation to the bridge, which would alter the harmonic content.

you would have control over all the knobs, whammy bar, etc...

as a companion to the guitar modules, you could have two or three "pedal" modules you could patch in.

perhaps also a "head+stack" module for emulating the amp dynamics, perhaps with a "proximity" control which would simulate guitar feedback.

i suspect if you applied the same DSP widardry that went into ReBirth and Subtractor modules, you could have a guitar module that would sound like a real guitar.

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