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Old 2004-06-10, 04:42
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quite logical and simple (insanities answer).

are you a writer? as a writer you would know that without experience or being educated in some way your topics would lack depth.write about baseball if you were someone who never watched, played, or read about the game, and see how little of input you have.Obviosly the more you know the better, on any topic!you also have to express it right when you read it to someone so they don't get bored, this is where sound and emotions comes in. Sound, "covering all" your vocals, or your instrument, or computer music etc. Sound when used to express emotions, and deliver messages is naturally more powerfull than sound that lacks experience behind it, it truly connects the artist and the audience, and they feel what he feels.The more you've experienced the more you've felt, the more you've felt, the more you'll need the right sounds to convey those feelings.This is on learning, i'll cover liberation of mind, and the spirit next if you wish!

PS. Since this is a reason suggestion forum, i wish reason had more powerful synths so i could produce particular sounds for certain expressions.

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