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The ability to use

The topic about not having enough oscillators is always coming up and I'm often finding myself wanting more complex tones as well. I, of course, know the workaround of just copying and reassigning a part to play another instrument, but as an industrial musician, I am sometimes more concerned with the sound itself. Oftentimes, that's what I use for inspiration. In this case, creating a layered sound consisting of six oscillators, 2 osc at a time is kind of counterproductive (at least for me) as I need to create the "melody" (lack of a better word) before the full timbre.

Anyway, it would be nice if devices could be assigned to virtual midi channels so that I could play a note or series there of from my keyborad and simultaneously control multiple instruments. Right now, I can only control one device at a time. What would be nice is if there were some sort of virtual midi channel system to allow a series of devices to listen/play on a channel and then using the midi selector in the track list, be able to choose this channel.

Side note, this would also carry over well into making instrument cofigurations/groups - ooh how sweet would that be [drool]. If props were to take it that extra step - they could add a switch on the back of a device to allow the device to respond or not to respond to the midi input coming into the group/channel. Then we could add mixers to the groups...

Ugh - anyway I'm going down a slippery slope again...I would just really like part 1.

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