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Old 2004-07-19, 01:09
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Hey propheads!! Whats the best way to edit & loop nn-xt wavs

Is there a program available that will allow me to take a single key wave sample from my hardware sound module (JV-2080)and edit it, loop it with or without the release of the remaining wav after a key up, then save that file and either load into nn-xt with all the previous parameters in tact or at least save it into a format that i can later convert to an .sxt file. I own CDxtract 4.0. I usually sample on my ol skool ASR-10 and I'm looking for a way to have that same level of control in NN-XT or as mentioned a program that will do the same. I've read cool edit can do that but I haven't been able to get anything going past creating a loop that forces me to truncate the beginning and end of the waves. The whole point for me is to keep the attack and possibly the end tail material as well. I want to re-create some of my favorite patches from the JV-2080 expansion cards and I want to loop them in order to keep the files sizes reasonable. I'm not trying to do the whole Gigasampler, super megabyte file size thing. Sorry to all for posting such a lengthy thread, but I didn't want anyone to confuse what I'm asking for with simple zero-crossing looping. Again, many thanx in advance.

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