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Old 2004-06-22, 11:33
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Actually, I'd like the sequencer to be a rack device

Here's why:

Mainly of course to make the note/gate CVs accessible on the back side so that you could connect them the same way as you do with the Matrix. This way you could create pads with multiple synths by splitting the CVs with a spider (done this already with the Matrix - just mustn't forget to turn up the little knobs on the back side of the spider to full 127 i.o. to send the correct note).

Also, automation of the sequencer's own parameters would probably be easier to implement and handle, because this way it fits into a unified scheme. Tempo automation would be great here, also the loop stuff, that one for each track separately.

As a rack device of course the number of tracks would be limited for optical reasons. But that shouldn't be a real restriction, as you could easily chain them just like the mixer. It should have 16 tracks per device to begin with, that should fit in the rack just fine. The edit window should be detacheable by a button the same way it is now, only the button is on the device instead of the scrollbar. In chained mode, the edit windows of several modules should be combined, just give the same picture as already is. However, the edit window should reside outside of Reason's main window to get rid of that grey area at last. The sequencer module could have mixer-like aux send effects (with switches instead of knobs) for future MIDI effects to come, like the delays and other stuff suggested around here.

The difference to the current layout may look dramatic, but I'm convinced it won't be a problem to implement nor for the user to adapt to, as all the features are already there and nothing described here is incompatible to the current version. Maybe it's a good idea to keep the current seq as is to avoid scaring away users who are happy with the current interface. A rack sequencer could work the same way as a Matrix with its own run and enable buttons so that you were free to choose which one to take.

I'm sure there are a lot more ideas that can be gathered around this thing. What say you folks?


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