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any hiphop rnb artists out there?

any urban artists around? sick of all this leftfield this and that.some of these communities are great like this one lots of helpful people.but you get sick of the same stuff everywhere on any site,techno e.t.c,all you bass heads out there idetify yourselves.also dancehall/reggae influences,. i have got bangin beats ready 4 use tried to get people to listen to my refil/instead i got a lot of people directing me to hiphop rnb drum sites i do not need them my soundz are superior to a lot of their soundz,oh and by the way look out all you doubting thomases ,the c.d urban kutz iz being reviewed by andy jones at computer music so the hell with those that think it is only yankx that can do anything .well i am Jamiacan decent ,and anyone in the know will tell you a jamaican called cool herc started hiphop in anyone of you who thinks you have got great soundz let me hear them or shut up!! i do not care about p5 they are all nearly all the same i have forteen reggae kits 4 instance.i know what i am doing and again those who do not know or appreciate the genre(urban) SHUT it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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