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Old 2004-06-26, 13:55
kfabel kfabel is offline
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CPU usage limit setting for audio export

I'd like to be able to set a separate CPU usage limit while exporting audio. For normal work with Reason I have that set to 90-95%, would be great if I could lower it during export. That way I could do something else in the meantime (like checking the msg boards ;-)) when the computer doesn't block. In that case it also wouldn't matter so much if exporting took even a bit longer, if I just didn't have to sit idle. Don't know, might not be a big issue for somebody with a fast machine, but for me it's getting difficult. And I don't want to hear the advice "buy a faster computer" ...


PS: Btw, does anybody know whether the usage limit setting currently applies to export at all? I have the feeling it doesn't. While a song is playing in the background I can still work with a browser, but not during export. Maybe that would help already and a separate setting would not really be needed.

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