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Old 2004-07-01, 08:45
bedrock22 bedrock22 is offline
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Support for movie files to be layed into the timline...


this has probobly already been brought up and butchered to death, but since I'm new to Reason I'll submit anyway.

I would really like to see support for a movie viewer in reason for syncing audio recordings to the movie as it's playing. I'm doing some heavy film scoring and its incredibly difficult to swap between final cut pro and reason, hitting play on each and getting everything synced up correctly.

if there is an easy way to do this please let me know!!!!

in fact, here's an idea for an improvement for a newer version: support for DV-NTSC movies to be played out through firewire through a reason movie-viewer (synced with the timeline) so people recording audio to the movie file can watch it in real-time on our NTSC preview monitors through firewire.

there's my 2 cents!!!

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