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Old 2004-07-01, 20:58
gibheid gibheid is offline
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ReCycle vs. Ableton Live?s Warp Markers

I need to rephrase some vocal loops to synchronize them with a keyboard backing. In the past I?ve done this sort of thing using Ableton Live?s Warp Markers. It seems to do a similar sort of thing to ReCycle, in that both programs break loops into rhythmic components. Live seems to handle both musical phrases and beats quite well, but ReCycle likes loops to be of ?preferably a rhythmic nature? (to quote this site?s blurb). Prophead?s demos are almost exclusively percussive, which implies it doesn?t handle ?music? loops too well. Is that a reasonable assumption? And what can ReCycle do for $249 that Live can?t do for free?!

Thanks! All input will be gratefully received!

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