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Old 2004-07-05, 16:39
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Is this possible for midi recording????

Please bear with me as I am a newbie and have only just bought my first keyboard (Novation KS5)......


I have 2 NN-XT's....I am currently playing one, but I have knobs on my keyboard assigned to the other. I am now controlling both NN-XT's at the same time.

When I record though, it only seems to record midi information to the instrument that I am playing (i.e. the one with the little midi icon next to it) and nothing to the instrument that I am controlling but do not currently have selected.

Is it possible to do this? As a complete newbie I have found that live 'seshing' works a dream in reason but to record everything I am doing seems nie on impossible (I hope its just me). It would be soooooo nice if after a 5 minute sesh I could hear what I just did.

Another example would be that as I am playing a synth say in NN-XT that I could use 2 sliders to mix in a couple of loops from 2 Dr Rex's (Say by assigning them to the level controllers) and then record me playing the synth as well as me mixing in and out the drum loops....all within one recording seshion?

I have to say either way...after toying with cubase...and consequently getting my mind blown to bits.....Reason is a breath of fresh air and quite simply is heaven

As a side note - I am actually having trouble recording fading drum beats in and out.....The method I try is to 'Put to track' the loops and then record 'over' them adjusting the 'Level' controller for that Dr Rex. I swear it works sometimes but other times I heading in the right direction??

Last but not least.....(I think Im dreaming here) is there a zero latency card that works with reason perfectly for around 2 to 3 hundred pounds (less if possible). I am running Windows XP with an Audigy card :S

Any help would be much appreciated.

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