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Old 2004-07-08, 21:57
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OT -- Cameleon 5000 morphing additive Group Buy -- $80 off

I don't know how many of y'all are interested in VSTi synths, but if you are, you might have heard of Camelaudio's Cameleon. The latest version is Cameleon 5000, and it's impressive. When I didn't win a free copy in their give-away, the natural thought was "ah well, some other time."

Well, the Logic User's Group has organized a group buy, with discount increasing as more buyers sign on. Presently, 105 people have committed. That brings the price to $119 each instead of the regular $199. $80 off ain't at all bad!

The final price break is $109 if 150 or more people sign up. Enrollment ends July 12th, so there are just a few days. Anyone care to get a fascinatingly different softsynth at $80 off? Maybe even $90 off? It's a great companion for Live or other VST-hosting sequencers! :-)

Business deals: After the enrollment closes on the 12th of July, participants will be emailed with their discounts, the amount depending how many people signed up. You then have about two weeks to send payment to Camelaudio and get your Cameleon.

Interested? Visit the link below to sign up for the group buy. There's plenty of info and a live graph of the group count on the same page, as well as links so you can download the demo version or listen to some Cameleon sounds.

LUG Cameleon 5000 group buy page

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