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My Reason 3.0

1. A better Chorus effect, come on let's give Eventide a run for their money, look at the great job you did on the your new reverb module!

2. A kind of snap shot facility for the NNXT. Say you have modified for instance the pan and filter on all the individual notes, it would be nice to have a quick way to to have one or two different setups of of these parameters. This would be good if you wanted one lot for the chorus and another for the verse for instance. The way I would have to do it now is to have another NNXT running with a different setup of these parameters.

3. Improve the mixer - fully parametric on each channel. Pre Aux facility. More channels so you don't have to buss another desk on unless you want lots of channels.

4. A magnifying glass (no I'm not myopic). A facilty where a circular area of about 2 inches around the cursor would magnify. This would be good for making intricate pan settings and also on detailed editing screens which are normally very fiddly and sensitive to cursor movements.

5. A really good sound module to rival spectrasonics Atmosphere, Absynth or Hypersonic. A treasure trove of instantly usable sounds that you haven't all heard before.

6. I know the philosophy and I respect it but VST please so we don't have to run Cubase.

7. The sequencer is good once you get to know it but develop it further.

8. Dual monitor support so you can have your sequencer on one screen and the rack on another.

9. A quick way to jump to modules, particularly when you are round the back patching.

10. A Replace Unit/Module function to swap modules out i.e. if you want to replace a chorus with a scream and all the patching is transferred for you.

That's it for now!

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