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Old 2004-07-14, 15:44
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Fahrenheit 451 - Storms - 6 part filmscore/dnb

Hello, all!

I have finally completed my "Storms" series, which includes six tracks.

All of them can be found at my bandpage below.

"Prelude to Storms"
The intro and first track to a six part series of tracks based on the storms of Kansas...A hybrid dnb track with film score influence.

"Storms Part One: 'Calm'"
The first part, following the prelude, of "Storms." This track expresses the calm preceding the storm...

"Storms Part Two: 'Rain'"
A track expressing the environment of rain...

"Storms Part Three: 'Thunder'"
When you hear the thunder, you think about many things...

"Storms Part Four: 'Lightning'"
The flashes of lightning bring chaos to skies...

"Storms Part Five: 'Conclusion'"
The dramatic, heavy-hitting ending to "Storms."

Well, enjoy the tracks!

All feedback is welcome!


Fahrenheit 451 - Storms - SoundClick Page

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