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On/Off/Bypass on audio AND CV spiders

I ran into a problem where I had a subtractor LFO controlling a filter, but at one part during the song I wanted to automate the filter to sweep it. The problem was, the LFO signal interfered with the sweep.

That's when I realized I had no way of turning off the LFO signal during that part of the song. The Amount knob on the subtractor LFO has no influence over the CV signal, and there's no way to automate the knobs on the back of the filter (or any device for that matter).

My solution was to create two filters, one for being controlled by the LFO, one for being automated. I just switched one off and the other on during the part.

This got me thinking though, why not have an On/Off/Bypass switch like on the other devices. It would provide an easier way to turn audio and CV signals on and off mid-stream. Don't ask me what Bypass would do though, perhaps it's useless.

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