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Old 2004-07-30, 21:31
outofocus outofocus is offline
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automating the rv7000 does not work (aphex twin sound)

could it be true, that you can not automat the echo time parameter with the sequencer?

i tried the following:
create a redrum.
route into rv7000.
create a sequencer track vor rv7000.
select the blue lines (controller automation).
now the problem: if i select programm "EFX ResoRobotVer" and plug in the "remote programmer" i can change the echo time parameter to the left with the mouse and get really nice aphex twin like sounds, with echo time variations.

if i try to automat the controller with the sequencer, parameter "echo time (steps)" it does nothing except if i swicht "echo temp o scync" to on. but this give me a different sound.

is there a way to record the movement of the " echo time" parameter to get the sound equal to moving the knob with the mouse?


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